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All payments paid for subscriptions, IQ World software, and CANSIGNAGE displays are non-refundable. Refunds won't be given after a purchase is finished.

Non-Refundable Services

Terms and Conditions

During the warranty period, CANSIGNAGE will, according to the conditions below, permit a free repair of any of our products.

The followings are not covered under CANSIGNAGE warranty

1) Damaged Product
• Damage sustained during transportation, relocation, or installation site modification.
• Defective product resulting from customer installation done incorrectly or in a way that deviates from the owner's manual and other CANSIGNAGE instructions (e.g., product installed in an area with a lot of dust, oil mist, or chemical substances used, or operating in extremely high or low temperatures or high humidity).

• Damage (including aesthetic damage) or failure brought on by abuse, neglect, carelessness, incorrect upkeep or storage, acts of God, or other circumstances outside of CANSIGNAGE's control. (External factors that are outside CANSIGNAGE's control include water damage, power surges, lightning strikes, and power outages, among other things).
• Any display, open box, discounted, or refurbished goods with missing or damaged parts.
• Damage brought on by Trojan Horses, worms, bugs, or computer or internet viruses.

2) Product Issues

• Problems with the product brought on by poor signal reception or incorrect setup.
• Problems with the product brought on by using accessories, software, or parts that CANSIGNAGE does not recommend.
• Problems with the product as a result of any part of it being modified.
• Problems with the product resulting from guaranteed parts being repaired or replaced by a service centre not authorised by CANSIGNAGE.

3) Etc.

• Consumable components or add-ons (such fuses or throwaway batteries).
• Any product on which the original manufacturing serial numbers have been altered, vandalised, or removed.
• Image Retention or Sticking, which is demonstrated by presenting a static image or the same pattern for a single instance.
• The duration during which the lamp's brightness is 50% greater than its original value is used to calculate the display panel's life.

Warranty Policy

For our product, we offer 1 year warranty starting on the activation date.

User’s responsibility for the software supplied by CANSIGNAGE

1. The customer must abide by any technological restrictions on the software that limit how it can be used.
2. Customer must not: 
i) circumvent any technological restrictions in the software; 
ii) reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the programme; 
iii) duplicate the software beyond the amount indicated in this agreement; iv) make the software publicly available for replication.
3. Defects arising from improper modifications, abuse, misuse, or usage for non-intended purposes are not covered by this software warranty.

For items that are not covered by warranty, appropriate extra fees will be assessed.

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